Roberta Morini I am a Qualified Beautician who works in the field of beauty and harmony since 1986 and I cultivate my passion for Wellbeing in any aspect of my life.

My interest in study and research brought me over the years to acquire skills in different fields: specialized pedicure, personalized make-up, courses of healthy and correct diet. I have also specialized in the Dr. Hauschka Method, using cosmetics derived from certified biological crops which stimulate the self-regenerating and nourishing capacity of the skin.

I am also graduated in the original Dr. Vodder Lymphatic Drainage Method - Walchsee - Austria; a particularly gentle and relaxing massage technique which helps the lymphatic vessels to carry more lymph. Among its various effects,the most immediate one is draining.

Study and research are the basis of my work, combined with the passion for anything that can bring wellness to body and mind. This introduced me also to the Reiki technique, which I studied thoroughly, achieving the Master level.

I have been following for about 14 years personal growth routes meant to help Self-Awareness through Meditation and relaxation tecniques (Reiki).

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