Face Linen bandages dipped in hot water with the addition of precious Bath Oils (such as Rose and Lemon) wrap the face in a warm hug and they are alternated to cleansing masks,vials and beauty masks...stimulating the skin towards its function of self-regeneration and nourishment.
Customized according to the skin needs.
Duration of the treatment: min. 60 minutes, max. 120 minutes.

BodyGentle movements of tissue stroking work together with precious Rose,Lemon,Birch and Arnica oils for a deep lymphatic stimulation. This beautiful massage gives a relaxing effect to the body and not only that! It helps draining and it promotes the body's inner balance.
Customized according to the needs.
Duration of the treatment: min. 30 minutes, max. 120 minutes.

Vodder Lymphatic Drainage The manual lymphatic stimulation according to the Original Dr.Vodder Method is a very particular way of working ,which allows to speed up and improve the lymph circulation in the body. It is carried out with gentle,slow,uniform and rhythmic movements ,which help the lymphatic vessels to transport more lymph.
Lymph has the task to eliminate all the scoriae and water stanches from the organism, thus allowing our body cells to live in a clean and healthy environment. A good functioning of the lymphatic circulation is therefore of "vital" importance for the health of our cells.
It is particularly effective for pregnant women, teenage girls showing the early symptoms of cellulitis and severely stressed people as it relaxes very much.
Duration of the treatment: Max. 60 minutes.

Peculiarities of the treatmentsAll the treatments, both face and body, are carried out in silence.. without music!
Light and flowing movements of the hands recall the natural breathing rhythm and the flowing of water.. source of life elements! When these elements are balanced,the body takes and emanates beauty!
All the treatments start with a warm footbath with the addition of a precious Bath oil according to the needs: Rose (harmonizing), Lemon (tonifying), Lavand (relaxing). In this first phase, lasting about ten minutes, the "first relaxation" begins and the client finally starts to get back in touch with her/his breath. Afterwards the client is invited to lie down on the bed and after being carefully covered to keep her/his body ideally warm the treatment starts.

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